Getting started

As with most addons installing is just a matter of downloading the addon and dropping the folder into your addon folder at <World Of Warcraft Installation>\_retail_\Interface\AddOns\ReGroup. You can download it from the GitLab page.

After installing and enabling the addon, you can open the interface using the /regroup command.

Creating a group

To create your raid group, simply click the drop down in the top left corner and select New group .... After that enter a name for the new group and you are done.

The 'New group ...' button in the ReGroup UI

Adding members

After creating the group it will initially be empty. The easiest way to fill it up is by using the import functionality from the addon. To do that, simply click the Import ... button in the bottom right corner to open the import window.

The 'Import' window

Here you can import characters from either you friend list, your guild or your current party into the group. To do so, simply select the characters you wish to import and click the Import button.

You can also add characters using their character name using the Add button in the main frame. The full name (including the realm) should always be preferred in order to allow using the group even if you use a character on another realm. To do so, simply type <Character Name>-<Realm> into the text box.


That’s it, you have created your first group. For more information on the different functions of this addon, click a link in the sidebar on the left or the Next button on the bottom.