Godot Event Manager

Tool for easy and fast manipulation of game logic.

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What is the Godot Event Manager?

Traditionally artists and programmers have a hard time communicating and understanding each others expectations.

The goal of this tool is to provide artists with an easy way to integrate game logic and behaviour into their designed maps and programmers with a clean interface to provide said logic.

Therefore this tool provides some essentials to implement three different kinds of logic: triggers, conditions and actions. These are used by the programmers to provide the games functionality (e.g. an inventory or a dialogue system) to the artist who later use the tools UI to connect the functionality to the desgined map. More information on how this works can be found in the documentation.

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Easy and clear interface

Includes a simple interface featuring three columns to edit what happens when and under what conditions. This is an easy way to implement game logic even for non-programmers.

Easy to use API

The included API for creating building blocks for the event manager allows for fast prototyping and integration of new functionality using only a few lines of code. Take a look here for an example.

Seamless editor integration

The addon integrates seamlessly into the Godot editor...