Plugin for Minecraft Bukkit servers to create and manage quests. Highly customizable and easy to use.

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About BetterQuests

BetterQuests is a plugin for Bukkit/Spigot servers that includes everything you need to create quests for your server. Every step from the way the quest is triggered to objectives and rewards can be customized using an intuitive and easy to use chat-based editor.

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Simple to install and use

Just drop the jar file and MewinBukkitLib.jar into your plugins folder and start creating quests. The chat-based editor is easy to use albeit being a powerful tool for creating complex quests.

Modular and highly customizable

Customize every single aspect of your quest, e.g. required items, objectives and rewards. More information on that can be found in the documentation.

Support for several third-party plugins using BetterQuestsAddons and Lua scripting support using BetterQuestsScripting (WIP).

Easy and powerful API

Built in a modular way to allow programmers to easily create custom triggers, requirements, objectives and rewards. More info on that can be found in the documentation.